My name is Lauren Mottas and I have had a passion for animals as long as I can even remember. Right after high school, I got a job working at Holiday Barn while I attended college. Getting to see so many different dog and cat breeds up-close and personal sparkedĀ an interest in furthering my career working with animals. Searching through ads for Veterinary field jobs, I found one that clicked perfectly and began working full-time at Midlothian Animal Clinic. Here, I not only met some of my best-friends, but also fostered a deep understanding of animal behavior and medical knowledge. My life journey eventually brought me to the small veterinary clinic on Robinson street called the Fan Vet. Working there for 2 years, I continually grew as I completed Veterinary training programs that they offered. I was then able to transition into working at CVCA- Cardiac Care for Pets, alongside board-certified cardiologists day to day. During my time there, I worked to gain a greater understanding of medications and how they are used in the specialized treatments of different medical conditions.

Having gained years of experience in the Veterinary field, I know that this is the perfect timeĀ to realize the dream of starting my own pet-focused business. Helping local pets and pet owners on a day-to-day basis is my main goal, so let me know how I can help you.